Who Am I? Hello!

Welcome to my Home.

The construction of this Home has just begun. My dear friend Poonam, a Fine Artist, a Poet, a Journalist, a Scholar, and a Sahaj-Yogi, is the spiritual force behind this Home. The hope is that it would become, over a period of time, a dwelling full of love. Hope you enjoy your stay, short or long.

Here is an honest attempt to share feelings and thoughts as we all go through the journey of life. A confession to start with… I do have some anxiety in terms of how well this Home would be received, and some fear in terms of providing continuous Home improvements. May you bring your blessings to this Home.

The stories here are largely based on Real-Life experiences. Sometimes the names are changed, sometimes not. The attempt is to share introspective thoughts with the purpose of becoming a better human being rather than criticizing or putting down a system, or people within it.

May your journey be joyous, and

May the Force be with You….

Real-Life Stories
Road Block
The First Night
A Palace of Gold
Good Bye,
One More Time
A Journey
In Third Class
George & Albert,
Fight for Florida
The Photo Gallery
Summer 2001
The Sky
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