A mere mortal… came to this earth, in this incarnation, on a full-moon day of November 08th 1946 in a small town in India.

I have had one 25+ years marriage, have two grownup children, who are making their own marks on this earth.

As far as my photo goes (probably one of my best showings), it was taken in summer of 1995. I do not believe I have as much hair on my head today!

By profession, I am a Prof. at a University College in interior British Columbia, Canada. Though I belong to Computer Science Faculty, and deal with logic and scientific facts, at heart, I feel poetic. I like to think that I feel a lot, and that I express those feelings well.

Though I am born in East, I have spent more than half of my life in West. I like to think, and I have felt often times, that I could represent the best of East and best of West.

My life's mission is to become a better human being, and my attempt continues….

Would you join me in this journey of life? I hope you do.



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